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Safestyle's new 'Secured by Design' handle
Safestyle's premium uPVC doors are known for their quality and value, but our composite door range is on a whole different technological level, built in a completely different way and combining state-of-the-art materials for the very ultimate in durability, security and looks.

Your home is your castle. You want to keep it safe. Secure. So why wouldn’t you want a composite front door? Our composite door range that acts tough and looks smart. In fact we’d go as far as to say that these are some of the best composite doors in the UK. They are certified to British Standards Kitemark licences PAS 23 and PAS 24 and have new Police-standard attack resistant security handle. So batten the hatches – pull up the drawbridge – buy a composite door.

The latest updates also include further security enhancements, such as the new Police-standard security handle made from stainless steel with attack–resistant cylinder, on all our composite doors, and available in chrome, gold, white or black.

Safestyle composite doors - the new GuardDoor rangeAll Safestyle GuardDoors are available in red, blue, green, white, black, Oak and Rosewood. Click on the images below for more information about each door.

Amersham composite door

Aylesbury composite door

Canterbury composite door

Cheltenham composite door

Exeter composite door

Gloucester composite door

Oxford composite door

Richmond composite door

Stratford composite door

Warwick composite door

Windsor composite door

Worcester composite door

At Safestyle, our expertise in quality uPVC replacement double glazing windows and doors has a strong belief at its core: we believe in providing you with quality that’s built to last, that you can be proud to have installed in your home. Our new composite door standards are at the highest set for domestic doors, which includes BS PAS 23–1, the BSI standard for general performance requirements against weathering tests for air, wind and water; and BS PAS 24–1, which is the standard for enhanced door security performance.

Safestyle’s composite GuardDoor is built to last

Whether front door or back, you'll want a replacement door that's strong, durable and built to last. As you can see in this cross section diagram, our composite door is made from a combination of hi-tech synthetic materials and timber for an even stronger, robust and longer-lasting construction. And with these added insulation and energy saving properties, it makes for one of the very best doors in the industry.

Cross section of Safestyle GuardDoor, the latest composite door technology1. FlushGlazeT: A unique patented system without unsightly gaskets or vulnerable beading.

2. Toughened glass: Toughened glass as standard to meet British Standard 6262.

3. Insulating core: High density, thermally efficient closed cell core.

4. High impact face: No need to worry about this strong ColourFusionT finish losing its appearance.

5. Laminated sub-frame: Stronger than a single piece of timber, our recycling puts no extra pressure on the environment.

6. Stylish protection: Our EdgeGuardT provides protection to your door edge.

Safestyle composite doors can also come with various side panels, both solid and glazed, and different furniture designs for knockers, handles, letterboxes, door numbers, spy–holes and safety chains – so if you’d like to see some samples, more information, or a free quote, simply contact us today. We'll be happy to help!

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