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New Energy Saving Recommended Eco Diamond Window!

New Energy Saving Recommended Eco Diamond WindowNew Energy Saving Recommended Eco Diamond Window!

Safestyle - Energy Saving RecommendedSafestyle are well known for our energy saving premium windows, but the new Eco Diamond Window is big step up above the rest. A-rated and certified Energy Saving Trust Recommended, it is sure to help you save money by cutting those heating bills.

You’ll love the simplicity of our Eco Diamond Window. It has a secret between the panes. You see - we replace the air with clear Argon gas. This stops the cold getting in - and the heat getting out, helping your bills to go down and the corners of your mouth to go up, clever eh? And the glass can be styled to suit you. Because we know you like a perfect finish. So it’s not just your perfect window - it’s Mother Nature’s too!

By making it Energy Saving Recommended as standard, Safestyle have now set the benchmark for high quality, energy efficient double glazing. Our mission is to lead the way with energy efficient products – helping you save energy, save money and help the environment too! And high quality, energy efficient double glazing has never been more affordable with flexible monthly payments available.

The new Safestyle Eco Diamond Window is available now, so get your free quote right away - it’s quick and easy!

Doesn’t all double glazing save energy?

Of course all double glazing offers a degree of energy-efficiency; however Safestyle’s new energy saving Eco Diamond Window system is at least twice as efficient as standard modern double glazing.

How will Safestyle’s new Eco Diamond Window make my home more energy efficient?

Many features of the Eco Diamond Window combine to make it ultra energy efficient.

Safestyle's energiKare™ glass technology ensures maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss - saving you more than enough energy to:

List bullet
Run 9 TVs for a year.
List bullet
Drive over 1000km in an average car.
List bullet
Make 34,000 cups of tea and coffee.

But our special glass is only one of several energy saving features of the Eco Diamond Window:

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The window frame structure itself contains thermal inserts to further prevent heat loss.
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The energy saving Super Spacer (between the panes of glass) also stops heat escaping.
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And there's more: the ultra-clear glass will let in more free heat from the sun ("solar gain"), so your new windows will actually help to heat up your home.

So how does Argon gas–filled energiKare™ work?

Argon gas-filled units are the ultimate in sealed units. Replacing the air between the glass panes with clear Argon gas is far better at preventing movement of heat or cold through the glass. Argon is naturally present in the air we breathe (0.9%), and is a safe, odourless, inert and non-toxic gas.

Safestyle's Pilkington energiKare cross section with Argon gas fillingSafestyle’s energiKare™ is different from standard double glazing as it works in two ways – it reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows and it also allows more heat (energy) from the sun in through the window.

This effect is known as "solar gain" and because it comes from the sun it’s free and you’ll feel its effects all year round.

energiKare™ is made up of two special types of glass (see cross section), Pilkington K Glass™ which stops heat escaping, and Pilkington Optiwhite™ which is a special 'extra clear' glass that allows more solar heat in through the windows, so your home benefits by feeling warmer without the need to turn up the heating.

Safestyle’s double glazed sealed units themselves are 24mm overall in thickness, comprising two panes of glass (each 4mm thick) and an air gap of 16mm between. Our research and testing has proven that a 16mm air gap is the best option, with the most energy efficient insulating properties and a better lifespan, while units with larger air gaps can have the problem of increased air circulation and leakage over time.

Bridging the gap between the panes of glass is the energy saving Edgetech Super Spacer® which, when combined with the window as a whole, also helps reduce noise by a further 31dB noise reduction. Great if you live near a busy road, or just want to enjoy the peace in your home. The Super Spacer is 950 times less conductive than conventional metal spacers, stopping heat escaping and saving you energy to help reduce your heating bills. Additional benefits include a further 70% reduction in condensation, helping to eliminate signs of mould and damp.

The frame itself is a stronger, sturdier 70mm outer frame, with slim-line sash for aesthetics. Thermal inserts in the frame not only prevent heat loss but improve structural rigidity, with steel reinforcement where required.

Safestyle - Energy Saving Recommended

What is “Energy Saving Recommended”?

Energy Saving Recommended is an initiative from the Energy Saving Trust backed by the Government. If you see the Energy Saving Recommended logo you can be sure that the window is particularly energy efficient.

Safestyle’s Eco Diamond Windows are A-rated and come “Energy Saving Recommended” as standard, so you can rest assured you are getting a double glazing product that has been tested by the BFRC (the UK’s national system for rating energy efficient windows) and certified by the Energy Saving Trust. And as they’re also manufactured by Safestyle we can pass on the savings to you so the best energy saving replacement windows have never been more affordable!

It’s quick and easy to get your free quote on Safestyle’s new Energy Saving Recommended Eco Diamond Window - just click here!

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